About Lightspace

About Lightspace

lightspace london is a dedicated space for lighting designers and architects to meet,learn and discuss exciting new ways

to harness the power of light, whilst viewing innovative global lighting brands and products.

The discipline of lighting design has considerably changed. It has now become an intrinsic and essential part of of the architectural design process.lightspace meets the needs of a discerning professional community with a passion for light, researching the best and latest in lighting products, aesthetics and functionality.

At this two-day exhibition, a carefully curated selection of lighting products from iconic and new-to-market brands surprise and delight a dedicated audience of lighting designers, interior designers and architects.The lightspace seminar arena at the heart of the show hosts provocative talks and inspirational case studies on award winning applications.

lightspace london's co-location with LuxLive,Europe's largest annual lighting show, makes lightspace the ultimate destination for all lighting designers needing to connect with the art and science of light - all in one place.


London as a international hub for lighting design and architecture

Exhibiting in London, a global capital of architecture, property, construction and design,gives you access to leading firms and decision-makers who work on projects both in the UK and internationally.

London's architecture sector has grown 7.7% per annum in real terms on average between 2009 and 2016.That was faster than the rate of real growth for the creative industries and the London economy.*

The UK is a net exporter of architectural services. In 2016, the UK exported ₤439 million of architectural services. *

The value of architectural services exports across the UK has grown at a nominal annual rate of 4.3 per cent average between 2013 and 2016.*

New figures value the UK creative industries as a whole at ₤76.9 billion a year -contributing an incredible E8.8 million to the UK economy every hour. **

London remains the powerhouse of UK design, with almost one in three design firms now based in the capital, as well as one in five design workers, ***

In 2015, the total value of exports where design had made a key contribution was ₤48.4bn (7% of total UK exports that year). This means the value of design exports is greater than that from either the UK's digital sector (₤43bn) or from the creative industries (₤35bn) ***

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