Cautions in Installation of led neon flex

1. Don't turn on the power to light the LED light belt if the whole roll of LED light belt is not dismantled or piled up.
2. When cutting the LED lamp band according to the installation length on site, only the lamp band can be cut off at the place marked with scissors, otherwise one of the units will not be bright.
3. When connecting the power supply or two lamp belts in series, first bend the head of the colorful lamp to the left and right to expose the wires in the lamp belts about 2-3 mm. Cut them clean with scissors, leaving no burrs, and then use the common point connection to avoid short circuit.
4. Only led bands with the same specifications and voltage can be connected in series with each other, and the total length of the connection should not exceed the maximum permitted length.
5. When the LED lamp bands are connected in series with each other, each connecting section, i.e. the pilot section, will be lit up in order to find out whether the positive and negative poles are misconnected and whether the direction of light emission from each section of the lamp band is the same.
6. Because of the unidirectional conductivity of LED, if the power line with AC/DC converter is used, the power connection should be completed, and the power test should be carried out before the positive and negative poles are connected correctly.

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