Factory Price Fashion Design Outdoor Led Lights Wall Washer

Factory Price Fashion Design Outdoor Led Lights Wall Washer


•Outdoor Led Lights Wall Washer,Manufacturers,Supplier,Exporter,Factory,hot sale,price, Fashion Design Outdoor Led Lights High brightness LEDs creates a bright wash of light, projecting up to 65 feet

• Link up to 30 DMX LED Wall Washer in a single run

• Link multiple controllers together to create large scale synchronized lighting effects

• LED Wall Washer warm white Suitable for heavy duty use(more than 12 hours per day)

•Design Outdoor Led Lights Can meet the most specific lighting-effect requirements with 16,777,216

possible available colors

• Mounting gears and simple rotating mechanisms included to aid easy installation and removal.

• Adjustable angle design and easy installation maximized on site flexibility

• RGB color-changing modes operating through our DMX controller can handle

sophisticated tasks

• IP65 rated-perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications

• High quality LEDs used,ensuring DMX LED Wall Washe a long life span of over 50,000 hours

• Color range: Different brightness of red, green and blue LED combined to produce 16, 000, 000 colors

• Fashion Design Outdoor Led Lights LED quantity: 36pcs power LEDs/1W Power consumption:36W, Shell material: Aluminum alloy

• Light projecting distance: 20m, Waterproof: IP65

• Fashion Design Led Lights Weight: 4.3kg per unit.

• Working mode:

A: Independent mode: We can adjust the internal functions of lighting by button on the back of lighting

B: LED Wall Washer warm white DMX mode

C: Master/Slave function under independent mode (Auto online function)

D: 3 functions (flash changing, fade changing, chasing changing) or 10 functions(including seven static single color) for your choice freely.

Pictures of this Chinese Manufacturer high quality LED Square type Wall Washer RGB 3in1


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